What is 2001?

2001 was an operating system developed by Toronto-based software developers Monolith in 2000. It was their first and only OS based on their 200X Architecture, and served as an update to their previous OS, Monolith Aero. Aero had performed well in the business market, however, its sales in the consumer market were minimal due to its complexity and cost.

Monolith's 2001 revealed to the public on November 22 1999 as Monolith 2000 at the Consumer Software Convention (or CSC) in San Jose, California. However, the release of the Operating System to the public would be pushed back, and would be renamed 2001, and given the release date of January 1st, 2001, which it met.

Reception to 2001 would be mostly positive, with critics praising the new graphical style, along with its packed-in content. However, overall sales in the business sector would be low, due to 2001's target audience of home PC users. 2 years into 2001's release, Monolith would announce it would be Monolith's last Operating System. Monolith would eventually drop support for 2001 6 years later in 2007, when the company went under, and parts of it were sold off to other companies.

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